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Blah.... Life.. Sucks, not completely but it sorta does....
Lately (well more like over the weekend) I've become sick, cause lately I've been eating less than usual because about an hour after I eat I just throw it back up and it really sucks, also cause I just can't fall asleep, I mean I do but it's around 3 or 4 in the morning... I'm really worried, I might go to the doctor.

Next, my grades came up in English and possibly History.. But not in Science.. We took a practice SOL and well... I didn't do very well... Urgh..

Well me and Jesse have been together for a week and like 3 days. Fwah, the news makes me depressed... I hate it...
Looks like "An American Haunting" is coming out soon, I really wanna see that soooooooooo badly with Alyssa, Joe, and Jesse. 'Cause it actually looks like a movie that would actually scare me..

Well I better go and do muh work.. Blah.. L88888888erz!

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