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Report card= Baaaaaaaaad weekend

Boy am I gonna be grounded this weekend all thanks to my report card.. Pretty much all F's and D's.. I swear I WILL do much better on this 6 weeks report card.. I have to!

On a lighter note, I can still use my cell phone to talk to Jesse. So that makes me happy :) and so far he's treated MUCH better than Harrison EVER did.

Haha, everytime I do see Harrison I go "Ewwwww!" and walk away 'cause everytime I look or think about him it makes me think baaaaaaaaaaaaad things x-x;; and it makes me sick.

I heard he likes someone new but I shall not say who it is or who told me for that is NO ONE'S buisness, but it is one of my friends so if he breaks her heart I will break his neck! Not really but STILL, he doesn't deserve a girl.

He shall die alone and he shall deserve that!
Ugh, I better go and listen since I need to study since today is a big test.

So l88888888888888erz

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