x_broken_dollx (x_broken_dollx) wrote,

Hahahahahahaha... I dunno x-X;;

Wow... The classroom I'm in really stinks.. I think Chris needs a shower and to leave the classroom! Ugh I hate him, sooooooo freaking much.

Ugh I could really use a smoke or something to drink, and I don't mean soda! Anyways, looks like my allergies are acting back up AGAIN, it's annoying the hell out of me. Blah.

Mwahahahaha.. Your mom goes to college! xD
Bwahahahaha.. I'm hyper, they finally got Coke put into the machines and I got some so I'm mucho hyper and shtuff!
Gwar.. :: runs around screaming :: I'm pretty much bouncing off the walls.

Wow... Randomness... Mermaids exsist.. Or so I heard x-X;;
Rawr! My friend gotz a spider bite and now it was operated on and well yeah, I feel sorry.

Neeeeeeeeeeeext, I better go and actually try to "learn"!


P.S. //:: PENIS! :://
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