x_broken_dollx (x_broken_dollx) wrote,


Ugh... Last night sucked mayjor ass! I almost.. ALMOST had to go to the damn hospital because I went to bed at like 10:00 then woke up at like 1 in the morning throwing up and my chest pounding.. My dad said I should just take some medicine and go back to bed so I did and didn't get to sleep till 4.. And I have to wake up at 6 in the morning... Urgh, so I'm pretty tired and not with it right now.. And the tylenol and cold medicine that I took this morning is finally kicking in and making me feel all woozy and just blah like...

:: Sighs ::... I hate today.. I just don't know why though, I just do.. My dad says I might have an ulcer cause of also my acid reflex... Urgh......

Well I better go and type my notes.. L8erz

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