x_broken_dollx (x_broken_dollx) wrote,

Urm.... Wheeeeeeeeee!

Wow... What to type about... I really have NOTHING to type about which is strange 'cause usually I have something to write... Hmmmmmm...

I gotz.. Ummm. Coke.. Yay?

Ok who am I kidding.. I have something to type I just don't wanna type it and then have people worry about it...
But I'll type it anyways.

Last night I yet again didn't get any sleep last night till like 4 in the morning cause of how sick I was feeling.. And yet again I ate dinner and an hour later it came back up...
Oh joy, seems like MySpace is shutting down.. Don't know when though, I didn't hear it..
:: Sighs ::... I think I might need to see a doctor soon..
Blah... I'm gonna go and write back to Jesse so l8888888888erz!

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