x_broken_dollx (x_broken_dollx) wrote,

Bad day, and razorblades....

Today really sucks, I have an F in my Science class and I'm on my damn period. I'm just in that pissy, leave me alone kind of mood and it really sucks.

:: Sighs :: I wanna go home but I shall stay in school with all my luffeh friends and b/f. Ugh... Looks like today is Cinco De Mayo, big freaking deal..

I could use a "drink", smoke, AND a nap.. Oh and some help in Science, I have a feeling I may have to stay after school one day and study with Mrs. Rust.. Ugh I hate her, I mean I just don't want to spend most my day to be with her, I need to but still...

Ugh, I better go and do my work since I REALLY need to focus this six weeks...


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