x_broken_dollx (x_broken_dollx) wrote,


Ugh, today sucks, first of all I woke up late, to late to take a shower in which I REALLY need right now. Next.. I don't feel good and yesterday I got yelled at for my report card which royally sucked! 'Cause it continued this morning, I'm not grounded which is good. And I don't know why but I've really been feeling emo lately and it sucks.

Like yesterday and the day before I've felt depressed and like crap. I think I need to get out into the fresh outdoors like go camping, hiking, and fishing :).

Oh I think my mom like's Jesse, 'cause he talked to her yesterday on the phone.. Now just to see if my dad likes him. So I'm hoping my dad will like him. My dad even said that he might let him go fishing with us some time.

Anyways, he's texting me so I better go, l88888888erz

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