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Happy days!!!!!

Bwahahahahahahaha, life ish goooooooooood.
I don't know why though, I'm just all happy and wooosh!
:: Runs around :: wheeeeeeee!

I finally went shopping Saturday and actually got some nice new clothes, even if my mom did sorta pick out something from Aeropostale it's fine with me.

And also, yesterday I was looking in my chest beside my bed and found a cig. I was happy since I got to smoke it considering my parents weren't home all day pretty much. Then I went up to Alyssa's and just chilled there, played video games with her brother and talked to Jesse on the phone since he called, also, we pretty much pigged out on food.

Hrm, Saturday was an ok day, just did some shopping and talked to Jesse (again) since he called me and yeah. Also pigged out on some pizza. Twas yummy!

Next, Friday I hung out and stayed the night with Alyssa, so I played video games, pigged out, chilled, and talked to Jesse.

Take a guess, were dating.
Anways, g2g l8888888888888888erz

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